The Tirril Brewery

Where the magic happens

Our brewery is a special place where passionate brewers come together to create a range of Cumbrian beers that exemplify the art of artisan brewing.

We can produce 20 brewery barrels or 720 gallons per brew, with a maximum production of 2160 gallons per week. But we never run at full capacity. Instead we give ourselves the time and space to ensure quality and consistency, and the flexibility to cope with seasonal demand.

We’re passionate about doing things properly, using only the very finest ingredients and respecting the traditions that were started when the original Tirril Brewery opened its doors in the 19th century.

We’ve always believed that classic British ale served in English Inns should be made with the best of traditional British ingredients. That’s why we use floor malted Barley from Warminster Maltings – they’re Britain’s oldest working maltings and have been in continuous in production for over 140 years. And we only use English varieties of whole hops, which are sourced from Charles Farm and Co. in Worcestershire who have also been in the business since 1865.

To us, being an artisan brewery means something special – and it’s our mission to put the art back into artisan, with each and every drop being a testament to the cause.

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