7 Reasons to Drink Tirril



The number one reason why you should drink our beer is because it tastes much better than the “beer water” that is mass produced and mass marketed by the big beer companies.
It tastes much better because we spend their time focusing on the quality of our beer and put our heart and […]

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Old Faithful, Red Barn and Academy

Tirril Brewery started exactly 100 years on since beer was last brewed in the village of Tirril, when Glassons, of Penrith, bought out J. Siddle’s Tirril brewery in September, 1899.

First one went on the bar with a little chalk board saying beer number 1.

Locals tested it and they said either woo hoo, it’s too strong, […]

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Story of our Cumbrian Single Malt

We were the only brewery in Cumbria to be contacted by the award winning English Distillery Company when they were approaching 12 English breweries to make an set of English single malts.

Their pitch was Scotland makes really good whiskey and England makes really good ale. The process of mashing in is the same as making […]

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