The Tirril Brewery Team

Meet the family

Being such a small brewery allows everyone to have their say – usually over a beer and some good old home cooking. The team is like one big happy family – Chris sometimes isn’t sure whether he’s employed or adopted them.

Chris – The Master Brewer

Chris’ passion for brewing stems right back to his teenage years when he was too young to drink in pubs – so tried his hand at home brewing. He quickly discovered his natural talent for the art and has never looked back.

Things have moved on a lot since then but he’s never lost his boyish enthusiasm for creating the perfect pint. A career in beer was always on the cards for Chris, even winning The Good Pub Guide’s ‘Best Pub in Britain’ along the way, but he’s a brewer at heart and has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve.

Chris doesn’t care for trendy competition beer. He’s not interested in using strange, unnecessary ingredients. And he has no time for weird novelty ales. Chris is on a mission to create ‘proper drinking beer’ – after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?


Danny’s in control of all the production in the brewery. He’s hugely committed, he spends lots of his spare time researching processes and is an absolute stickler for every last detail. We couldn’t ask for a better brewer.


Simon’s worth his weight in gold – so we actually feel a little bit guilty about pinching him from another brewery in the area. Only a little bit though. We’re not sure what we’d do without his enthusiasm, knowledge and his natural talent for brewing.


Flash (real name Gordon Threlkeld) is a real people person. Everyone knows and loves him – so he’s a natural for delivering our fine ales and spirits across the region. Strong as an ox, will do anything for anyone and knows every back road in Cumbria.

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