Tirril Brewery started exactly 100 years on since beer was last brewed in the village of Tirril, when Glassons, of Penrith, bought out J. Siddle’s Tirril brewery in September, 1899.

First one went on the bar with a little chalk board saying beer number 1.

Locals tested it and they said either woo hoo, it’s too strong, it’s too weak, it’s too dark – they all had a bit of input. So we fiddled around and made beer no. 2. So, that’s better but it’s this and it’s that and can you do this or that. The first one was called Bewshers Bitter (now Original Bitter) in those days after the original landlord of the pub. The locals said leave that that’s nice so we had that recipe sorted.

Then we started on the Academy Ale, named after Thomas Slee’s Maths Academy in the village of Tirril in 1830s and 40s.We did a couple of variations on that until we got that one right and all the locals were happy.

Third beer we made was Charles Gough’s Old Faithful which relates to the story of “Charles Gough the unfortunate tourist of Helvellyn” He was buried in Tirril and Old Faithful was his dog that stood guard of his body until he was found.

Red Barn is named after our 200 year old current house and barn, which we converted into our current brewery.