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We bottle seven products as a cross section of all our beers styles, which includes five ales, our Premium Pilsner and our Stout

We can also label personalised “house” beers for outlets and have suppliers who can make up short runs of personalised beers for weddings, birthdays and gifts.

All our bottled beers are lightly carbonated and filtered – not fined, making them suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Coming Soon

We are developing a 5% traditional full-bodied stout, which will be gluten-free the same as all our other products. Madagascan Vanilla is being used to smooth the harsher tones of the roasted barley. We hope to have finalised development and have the finished article available in April.


Our best selling beer, a blonde ale that is a classic session ale in character, lightly hopped and very drinkable.

Ullswater Blonde bottled


Our first golden ale, which was our best seller for almost 18 years, only recently overtaken by the lighter Ullswater blonde. A real crowd pleaser with a good burst of English Goldings for a pleasant hoppy finish.


The hoppiest beer we make, light in body and taking advantage of two New World hops to give a classic strongly hopped I.P.A.

bottle of Windermere IPA


A golden bitter in the style of the greatest of British drinking ales, flavoured with three British hops to give this subtle beer good character.

Grasmere Gold


A rosy amber ale, with good depth of malt character balanced with classic British hops for a good bitterness and hoppy finish.

Borrowdale Bitter


A superior strong lager. Flavoured with 100% Czech Saarz hops to give a classic European Pilsner style lager.

bottle of Premium Pilsner


Completing our range of beer styles available in bottles Dungeon Ghyll is a traditional full bodied stout with a hint of Madagascan Vanilla.

Dungeon Ghyll Stout

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