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A Brief History of

Tirril Pump Clips

A Brief History of Tirril Pump Clips

Our original intention had been to brew the odd beer for fun and to create a little interest for our regular drinkers at the Queen’s Head inn, Tirril.

Thought wasn’t given to the idea of selling beer anywhere but the pub. As such our pump clips used the same artwork as the pub’s brochure and had distinctly Tirril based names.

Tirril Brewery John Bewsher's Best Bitter first pump clip
Tirril Brewery Thomas Slee's Academy Ale Original Pump Clip
Tirril Brewery Charles Gough's Old Faithful

When we moved to Brougham Hall, only a few miles away, the new beers were distinctly local, both Brougham Ale and 1823 reflecting the new move. Our first three beers had already had their names shortened by regular use:

Thomas Slee’s Academy Ale was known locally as Academy.

Charles Gough’s Old Faithful was now just Old Faithful.

John Bewsher’s Best Bitter was oddly just called Bewsher’s.

We did lose the pub’s image and we replaced it with the Brougham Hall door knocker.

The door knocker at Brougham is a replica of the original pair “taken for safe keeping” during the second world war never to be seen again. Interestingly they were an exact match with the pair on Durham Cathederal – this caused a few complaints from staunch Durham folk claiming we were using “their” image! Interestingly the first royal motorcade, in 1905, with King Edward VII travelled from the gates of Brougham Hall to Durham.

With almost all pumpclips being octagonal or round at this time we chose to upgrade to octagonal clips – being only associated with Morland’s Old Speckled Hen, itself taken from the original MG logo. The Octagon is considered good luck in the far east, and as both those brands seemed to have had a fair share of success, we felt we would tap into this mystic source of luck.

Tirril Brewery Brougham Ale
Tirril Brewery 1823

After our move to Red Barn and especially with Eden Brewery taking on the old brewing rooms at Brougham, in 2015 we eventually decided to change our logo to just reflect our name and traditional style of our beers.

At this point we also introduced our Lakeland names to reflect the larger area over which we now sell our beers.

Tirril Brewery Charles Gough's Old Faithful
Tirril Old Faithful Pump Clip
Tirril Brewery Old Faithful Pump Clip
Tirril Brewery Old Faithful Pump Clip
Tirril Brewery Old Faithful pump clip

After a few more tweaks over the years we have added the Lakeland names, clarified our descriptions and finally have added on each of our pump clips the fact that the beers are gluten-free.

Over the years our bottle labels have kept pace too, keeping up with our changing shapes, logos and gluten-free information.

Tirril Brewery Bottles old to new

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