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All our gins are flavoured with home grown or hand foraged wild ingredients from Cumbria.

Solway Spirits locally distill the gins which they blend with our fruit syrups.

We only make full strength, proper gins.

We met Andrew Emmerson of local distillers Solway Spirits at a tasting event in 2018, where we were at adjacent stalls. We struck up an immediate rapport, both discussing our belief in authenticity of products and our despair at some of the mass produced synthetic spirits that were flooding the market at that time, masquerading as quality gins. It wasn’t long before Andrew had agreed to make the base gins to combine with the hedgerow produce that we foraged to produce our range of very Cumbrian gins.

As Andrew explains, experimentation is their passion at Solway Spirits (right up there with testing the gins…). He and Kate started in their garage in 2010 on a homemade still. Now they produce their gins with two 120L alembic stills incorporating “gin baskets” for collecting superior flavours in their spirits.

For the base gins that compliment our fruit syrups Solway Spirits use their favoured botanicals of juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica, lemon peel, orange peel and orris root.To add to the Lakeland character of our gins we have been supplying Kate and Andrew with wild juniper berries that we have foraged from the juniper bushes that still grow across the Lake District. Many of our gins are hazy, as to preserve the flavour of our syrups they are only lightly strained, leaving both fruit and flavour in the gins.

Andrew has worked wonders with whatever flavours we have suggested and is now heavily involved in producing specially designed “house gins” for several of our customers.In keeping with our ethos of quality and authenticity all of our gins are 40% abv, proper full strength real gins.

Classic Range


Our classic dry gin, a smooth blend of botanicals finished with a touch of vanilla, to add a subtle sweet finish – ideal with any mixer. Available in 70cl and 20cl.


Our first botanical gin, made using herbs from the kitchen garden at red house, beside the brewery – amongst other botanicals lovage gives a light cucumber and black pepper flavour to the gin. Available in 70cl and 20cl.


Our latest botanical gin uses wild myrtle from the valleys below scafell in the lake district as it’s main flavour. Widely used in europe to flavour schnapps, ours is the only english gin to use this fantastic botanical. Available in 70cl and 20cl.

Farmhouse Range


Using Great Grandma Howarth’s family recipe for bonfire toffee, this sweet and spicey gin is fantastic with ginger ale – like drinking parkin or jamaican ginger bread! A great winter warmer.


With raspberries grown in the kitchen garden of red house – adjacent to the brewery this bright red gin is sweet and delicious. Great with straight tonic, fantastic with rose lemonade for those with a sweet tooth!


Red house rhubarb has been picked and eaten by the villagers in long marton for as long as anyone can remember. Now fertilised by alison’s ducks and hops from the brewery, the thriving rhubarb makes a delicious slightly hazey gin.Drink with a straight tonic or ginger ale for a bit more punch

Hedgerow Range


Locally sourced cumbrian honey added into an old family recipe for elderflower cordial gives us a delicious tasty base and golden glow to our most popular gin. Just add straight tonic to really appreciate subtle elderflower and honey flavours. Available in 70cl and 20cl.


Quite possibly the worlds rarest commercial gin. The short harvesting period, isolated loaction and sparesness of the wild golden raspberries in cumbria only allows us to gather enough for about 24 bottles a year. Usually donated to charities to auction off, the odd bottle makes it’s way into some hotels and pubs. If you see it grab one whilst you can.


Our recipe is based on rosehip syrup recipes, mainly from the second world war when rationing made access to vitamin c difficult. Rosehips contain more vitamin c pound for pound than otranges – so why not indulge yourself with a superfood? Great mixed with clementine tonic.


The classic british fruit gin, our local hedgerows a still full of blackthorn, giving us ample sloes for a dark hearty gin. Often drunk neat, but equally delicious with tonic or lemonade.


Another dark and flavoursome gin from our local hedgerows, sweet and satisfying it is superb as a long drink over ice.

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