Tirril Brewery


Tirril Brewery was founded to create authentic British Beer for a traditional British Inn using only the finest British ingredients

Today we still do not compromise those basic principles. How we make, our ales, lagers and gins, is still based on quality and locality now complimented by excellent service.

We brew using only the best ingredients, almost exclusively British, with the aim of making the finest beers without following trends or using gimmicks, but simply good old fashioned, beer flavoured beer, from hops, malt and pure Eden Valley water.

We believe that beer is at its best locally –all our customers are within 50 miles of the brewery. We deliver everything ourselves direct from our cold store into our customer’s cellars.

We strive with all aspects of our brewery, brewing environment, deliveries and service to be of the highest standards.

We do not want to be the biggest or the most profitable brewery, just the best that we can be.

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